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10 years and counting

May 18, 2016

I have been teaching middle and high school special needs students for almost ten years! My, how time flies!

I have learned much about how and why students’ learn – and how I can best meet their aptitudes for learning. During the recent past school year, I have been an integral part of students-with-behavior-disorders’ lives – we have studied and learned, and played together. I daresay that we are each a better person for the experience.



The last day of school

June 4, 2014

The last day of school is finally here! Hooray!?

It has been a busy year here at HHS. Nearly a month of snow days during January and February…accumulated this winter; SmartGoals were written, implemented, and summatively assessed; a month was lost due to a medical emergency; IEP Annual Reviews, Eligibility, and other meetings were set, attended, and processed successfully; Math I and Math II classes completed with no failures – for either last quarter or 2nd semester.

School begins again in mid-August; much to accomplish between now and then.

Blended Learning comes home to roost

May 31, 2014

SpedTeach2 is back in business! As I wend my way through an online professional development program to learn all about blended learning, I will upload the occasional post regarding what I have learned and want to share.

Much has changed since my last post in 2010…much has stayed the same: I am still teaching special education, although now in a collaborative setting at a high school in WV. My bride and I have just celebrated 134 months of unmitigated bliss, my grandson(s) are 9 and 2. My oldest grandson is two weeks away from finishing the 3rd grade! Woowee!

It is good to be back…we will learn a lot from each other over the next few weeks…months…years?!

Long time, no see

November 30, 2010

Sorry that my updates have ceased on this website application.  However, JustAnotherResource is alive and well – come by for a visit sometime!  I simply do not have the time to keep this blog going and keep my lessons alive from day to day in AB Classroom.  And, when it’s all said and done, the kids are more important – keeping them engaged in the content and the learning process!

So, check out the wiki – explore it’s resources and use what you can.  If you have a resource to share, please feel free to request Writer status so that you can share it on the wiki!

Signing off for now; mayhaps I will be back!

Americans for Prosperity – November is Coming!

August 28, 2010

JMU update, garden report, tea partying

August 16, 2010

Finally got a (supportive, encouraging) response to my two lesson plans and received the Highly Qualified certificate in the mail. Our garden has barely survived the horrible heat – the only thing left (still producing well) is the okra plants. Everything else has either burned up or been eaten by the deer/other animals – this in spite of the electric fence!
And, last Thursday we attended our first tea party meeting in Winchester – got to hear Eric Cary – Senate candidate from MD, and a libertarian-party candidate. This Thursday, Rep. Wolf will be guest speaker…

Losing our freedoms…daily

August 5, 2010

Go to for more information…and cry with me for our country!