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Second semester – 3rd Qtr is upon us!

January 27, 2010

The detention center is filling up again…sixteen pre-dispositional and five post-dispositional residents.  In my math and science classes, students from the 7th grade through 12th grade and GED-preparatory are being served SOL-based individualized instruction on a daily basis.

Being as I consider myself to be quite the ‘techie’, I make every effort to incorporate SmartBoard interactions into each and every class meeting.  Some days’ it is as simple as a recorded “Welcome to AB Classroom” file, other days’ the student’s may use the Board with the required wireless keyboard and mouse to research content/related topics (via  I find that each child learns better in a hands-on environment – and strive to offer a hands-on experience as often as possible.

Another teacher in the facility has moved his classroom and office around a bit, and in so doing came up with a pile of ‘stuff’ he decided he did not want to keep.  So, AB Classroom scored a couple of GED textbooks written specifically for our ESL students – entirely in Espanol; an electronic dictionary; an electronic organizer circa 1995; and a couple of Science trivia card packs. Kudos and many thanks!

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