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Happy New Year (belated) and other stories

January 8, 2010

     My, how time flies when you’re having fun!  Happy New Year, y’all!

     Now, let’s get to updating this blogsite: 

          The end of 2nd Quarter / First Semester instruction is fast-approaching…in AB Classroom particularly we are gearing up for some embedded, intensive SOL review via released tests, EPAT, and any other method we can devise.  I say ’embedded’ because the normal course of instruction will be continued as previously determined.

     The detention center has seen more than 100 juveniles come and go thus far this school year; many of this number are, however, ‘repeaters’.  In AB Classroom, the wiki has been deactivated for individual student use, but has been incorporated into many an instructional moment – for the classroom as a whole and for the occasional individual interaction (most recently BIO II web-based resources).  If you have not visited (AB Classroom wiki) recently, I heartily recommend that you do so.  Many new ideas have been promulgated and added to the wiki – all geared to motivating student learning.

     AB Classroom has also seen a few interesting hands-on activities and minilabs – mostly during the Science classes.  The teacher has recently submitted a request for a subscription to the Mineral of the Month club in order to increase his assortment of rock and mineral samples to use when the need arises.  Another quickie investigation involves the observation of what happens to a chicken bone when it has been submerged in vinegar for a couple of weeks (almost a year by this time).  Also, in Physical Science classes just before the Winter Break, an investigation utilizing a virtual lab experiment via the SmartBoard to determine properties of hydrogen peroxide and a glowing ember.  If I can remember correctly, the video used for this inquiry originated on TeacherTube.  The experiment itself can be viewed/accessed via the Physical Science tab in JustAnotherResource.

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