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The ever-changing wiki

October 19, 2009

The wiki will be utilized by the teacher(s) as a tool to access hyperlinked resources – both web-based and server-based – as noted on various curriculum assignment sheets.  The hyperlinked web-based resources have been researched, and filtered for content, and have a direct bearing/relationship to the curriculum at hand; i.e, a link to Prentice-Hall Self Guided Chapter Quizzes, a link to the WordSmith worksheet or G.U.P.E. pre-reading strategy worksheet, or a link to a Science-related website exploring the human organ system.

The wiki is also being used to notate the weekly vocabulary word, replete w sound file for pronunciation, a link to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary for definition, and a link to VisuWord – a graphical representation of the word and its various meanings/synonyms.

Due to security and privacy issues privy to this facility, students will not be permitted to access the wiki on an independent basis.  Therefore, there will be no ‘student folders’ or identifiable student product available for perusal on the wiki.

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