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September 19, 2009

281 views since this all began, yet only 16 comments (plus 6 ‘spam’).  What’s up with that?  Commenting on blogs’ editorials is the only way the blog’s owner is going to know who he is reaching and what they think about the conversation.  Everyone has an opinion – the comment box is where you should expound your opinion!

Whenever I visit a favorite blog site and read a posting or two, I always try to lend some sort of support or congratulatory comment.  If I have a notable opinion regarding the subject matter, I put this info in my comment.  Bloggers love comments!

Teaching students how to write succinct yet appropriate comments (on the wiki) is a challenge.  My students tend to use slang when writing comments.  I am in the throes of teaching them how to use proper English, how to write proper English when commenting on specific pages of the wiki.

I seem to remember a link to somebody’s blog – ???- via Library2Play’s episode regarding Comments.  Let me see if I can dig that up…here it is: – Thing 12 – Creating Community Through Commenting.  I think I will link this page to the wiki for a ‘teaching moment’ – something to include in the opening remarks segment of classroom wiki introduction!

Here’s a quick poll for you to check out:

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