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Instruction to match capabilities

September 3, 2009

How do we differentiate in the classroom; better yet, how do I differentiate instruction from class to class, student to student to reach, challenge, motivate ALL?

Yesterday’s entry introduced my current (that day’s) student roster.  How do I actively instruct and involve each of these (needy) students at their instructional level without invoking their frustrational levels?  I am glad that you asked that question!

As noted in the previous entry, one specific methodology incorporated is the use of several different textbooks leveled for various reading acumens.  We (at the JDC) have found that Globe-Fearon texts are written and presented in an easier-to-read-and-understand format than McDougal, and McDougal texts may achieve that end better than Prentice-Hall textbooks.  (Although, P-H mathematics texts are specifically written (or so they say) to Virginia Standards of Learning).

Another method to engage students involves the use of hands-on manipulatives whenever possible – some students diagnosed with learning disabilities may benefit from a more constructive approach to the curriculum.  Algebra Tiles, student-created multiplication tables, using colored pencils or crayons to complete assignments – these tools liven the ‘boring’ text and serve to increase students’ motivation to learn.

I incorporate many forms and worksheets into my curriculum delivery model:  WordSmith worksheet, G.U.P.E. (pronounced ‘guppy’), Vocabulary Cubes – to name a few.  I will update this post later with hyperlinks to these documents for your perusal.

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