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June 23, 2009

My time is being shared by school – four more days to go, and then the whole month of July for just me and my bride (and my grandson)!  Also, camppbworks’ summer camp has begun replete with webinars and ‘homework’ – isn’t that quaint?  But it will all be worthwhile: not only will I learn best practices for setting up and maintaining a classroom wiki, but upon graduation from camp, a free premium wiki for a year is awarded.  Sweet.

So, I will be here to continue this adventure with you all..just not on such a daily basis…

I have completed my first weeks’ webinar and homework at pbworks’ summer camp, and now have a few moments to check out fellow L2P’ers blogs.  I have been enjoying the blogs – their originators and the posts themselves, and have even signed up as Follower on a few.  I know that I enjoy conversation and comments so I should contribute my own comments as well!  I have also added these blogs to my blogroll…like minds and all of that!

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