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Thing #8: RSS Feeds & Readers

June 20, 2009

Little did I know that I already have an aggregator set up to deliver updates to A.T.Tipscast and a couple of Science-related websites.  I will set up some links for my coveted readers in the sidebar marked RSS. 

RSS and readers enable one to peruse their bookmarks and favorite websites on a more active basis without wasting hours and hours paging through each site.  The reader displays the title and the first few lines of text; if the information is relative or of greater interest, I can click on the title and go directly to that webpage.  RSS also saves time by acting as a reminder-service of these saved websites. 

I think that there might be an applicability of this technology in the classroom for students that need additional help in a subject, but get easily distracted with the internet.  An RSS feed set up specifically for a certain subject or topic could steer the student directly to the resource and bypass all of the ‘extra’ internet distractions commonplace to that which occurs when ‘surfing’.  I will have to try it out this fall…

Teachers can use this new technology in the classroom to specify websites to visit when students have been given a research assignment.  It would probably work very well as a shared resource in a classroom wiki application.  The feed could be placed directly into a student’s personal folder on the wiki, thus bypassing the aforementioned distracting web-search.  Interesting.  I will have to bring this up again at [summer]

So much to learn…so exciting to learn!  And wonderful to SHARE!!

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