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Long time, no see

November 30, 2010

Sorry that my updates have ceased on this website application.  However, JustAnotherResource is alive and well – come by for a visit sometime!  I simply do not have the time to keep this blog going and keep my lessons alive from day to day in AB Classroom.  And, when it’s all said and done, the kids are more important – keeping them engaged in the content and the learning process!

So, check out the wiki – explore it’s resources and use what you can.  If you have a resource to share, please feel free to request Writer status so that you can share it on the wiki!

Signing off for now; mayhaps I will be back!

Americans for Prosperity – November is Coming!

August 28, 2010

JMU update, garden report, tea partying

August 16, 2010

Finally got a (supportive, encouraging) response to my two lesson plans and received the Highly Qualified certificate in the mail. Our garden has barely survived the horrible heat – the only thing left (still producing well) is the okra plants. Everything else has either burned up or been eaten by the deer/other animals – this in spite of the electric fence!
And, last Thursday we attended our first tea party meeting in Winchester – got to hear Eric Cary – Senate candidate from MD, and a libertarian-party candidate. This Thursday, Rep. Wolf will be guest speaker…

Losing our freedoms…daily

August 5, 2010

Go to for more information…and cry with me for our country!

Home garden production report

August 2, 2010

You will be happy to know that, in spite of the intense heat and the lack of rain, our garden is producing good eats on a daily basis: zucchini, sweet corn, a few cherry tomatoes, a few Big Boy’s, and a mess of okra.

My bride is adept at cooking up savory dishes which utilize these vegetables to their most delicious possibilities.  The Obama’s would be proud!

What is your worldview?

August 2, 2010

In our church bulletin this past Sunday, there was a blurb suggesting we take a basic worldview quiz at, then share your printed results with the pastor.  So, my bride and I both took the quiz (both scoring Strong Biblical Worldview Thinker); naturally, we both were awarded the certificate.  No surprise (not really) to myself or my bride – we know where we stand on the issues that matter…; my suggestion – try it yourself!

88 Months of Unmitigated Bliss

July 29, 2010

Today, July 29th, my bride and I are celebrating our 88th month of ‘happily married’ status!  It was a normal day – full of old people and the usual ly scheduled appointments.  Our financial advisor truly thinks that the economy will correct itself in due time (5 years or so).  He is a Libertarian with a great knowledge of history which he uses well when describing his views and opinions.  We hope his future prognostications are right on – otherwise, the US of A will be no more!

On another note, it looks to be quite the busy August – with many a departmental meeting scheduled around the convocation date.  It will be a good time to network and revisit old colleagues…


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